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i wasnt on hiatus,
it's just that i found myself another home,
home to my feeling, thought and intellectual,
similar to this one.
so yeah, there are two existing HOW.I JUGGLE(s),
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Reuse & Recycle Your Slipper (University Malaya)

Spreading the campaign & message
The basic idea is 3R; reduce, reuse, recycle.
You recycle household waste like plastic, glass, paper and cardboard as second nature, but how about shoes?
Unless it's still in proper condition, or else what you want to do with it, particularly slippers?
What if you can get discount for a new one for every used slippers donated, would you?
Thank to UM CARES, this campaign is running.

There are many ways to reuse and recycle the materials;
See how we transform these used slippers for the benefit of the community inside Campus of University Malaya.
Stay updated.

Check out the videos;

English version

Malay version

Do your part so we can do ours.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

execution and failure

sometime you just have to tell yourself this; EVERYDAY
when you are struck with ideas;
either you hold back or execute.
and when you execute, there're two possible outcomes; SUCCESS or FAILURE.
you are still so young and why not dare to fail?
you have been on top for awhile, achieving what you wanted,
now you have to start experiencing and learning through failures to go even further than that.

"stay young, stay foolish", you are told and let's see how true it is.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

So how's WORK AND TRAVEL 2011?

“I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER” – it is a terrifying horrific story if you ever watched that film. Rephrasing the title into “YOU KNOW WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER”; then you can expect a 360°different story.

Living in a tropical weathered country where there is just sun and rain all year long, and being a public undergraduate of Malaysia, there is no summer holiday for me. The usual long semester break would only last roughly for 2 months plus. Fortunate enough, this year itself, every public undergraduate was entitled to 4 months break; the longest break ever thanks to the change of policy by the Ministry of Higher Education in attempt to standardize the enrollment date internationally.

Having such long break and the raging desire to travel around; I approached my best friend, CK with this programme which I first learnt from my senior back on year 2009. Of course, it would be so much relieving to know that I will be having one very familiar company with me on this adventure. It was kind of last minute when we registered. The days came so fast so that we both went to Unites States having no clue at all how life was going to be in the next four months. The only thing we knew was we will be working in world number one amusement park by the name Cedar Point at Sandusky, Ohio.

CK and I travelled to United States with a small group of friends that so happened to have came from the same varsity. Guess what, it was my CK’s first time flying on airplane and his debut lasted for about 24 hours including all the transits. Not a very good introduction for him I guess. When we finally reached our dorm area, it was night and breezy. We were so silly that we thought summer weather that supposing should be hot was just as minor as the chilling weather uphill in Malaysia. (Later on during the mid summer, we experienced the actual weather.  It was dry with no cloud in the sky, no breeze and the sun shone directly on. We sweated whole day no matter how thin we wore.)

We needed to go through compulsory trainings to be eligible to work as food host in the amusement park. When “good enough is never good enough”, that was the kind of expectation our employers had on us. Each of us was separated into different food locations. For myself, I was sent to a stand named Corral which sells food such as hot dogs, pizzas, soft serve ice creams, corn dogs, walking tacos, cheese on sticks and the very famous dessert Americans crave for, funnel cakes. The very first trick I mastered was frying the funnel cake. I did not know that Corral is so called “The Funnel Cake Heaven” till I was there next to the fryer, frying nonstop on my third day working. There was job rotation going on, hence day by day I actually did learn all the food preparing skills besides cash registering. It was fun especially when you came knowing nothing about cooking.

The work load was insane. However, these load of work eventually turned lively and exciting when you got to work in a team of merry people from all different places on earth. I could not remember a day I went to work without having good laugh. We did so many crazy stuffs together; trying new “recipe” by mixing all the ingredients together, intimidating the action of our colleague and supervisors, eating the over made food which we were not allow to, competing who made the best looking soft serve ice cream as well as funnel cake, taking numerous silly pictures in working attire and much more. Apart from working, we got to enter the park for rides for free on our off day. There are 14 roller coasters in Cedar Point and my very first ride was not a good start for me at all. It got me traumatized for 2 weeks before riding the next one. If you could ride all these roller coasters, you have conquered your fear!
During the 3 months at Cedar Point, I did find myself a family. A family that has no father or mother, only brothers and sisters from Malaysia and Taiwan who often gathered together almost every night in a room called “Magic Room.” The room was so magical because it kept everyone awake till 3am in the morning just to loiter and none felt tired despite the fatigue after work. We shared almost everything, picked on each other and gossiped everything that happened in work. Weekly, we tried to get the same off day to plan on going road trips. Well, we actually managed to find time and went all the way to Columbus, Pittsburgh and Chicago. I was the driver. Thanks to these road trips, I experienced driving on the left. Gratefully, we were safe though I was honked a few times trying to adapt to the changes.

We did have a few good cook among us. Sweet and sour chicken, black sauce chicken, marinated beef, vegetables with prawns, soups; these were some of the great Asian food we had which we craved so badly after serving on western food for awhile. Everyone was so caring towards each other, helping out without conditions and supported everyone in every way when needed. They gave me surprise on my birthday, celebrated it early without me anticipating it
coming at all. It was so touching. Guess what, I did get my haircut done by one of them as well! It took her an hour because she was so careful to make me look good. I could not be more thankful. These are just parcel of so many things they had done for me. Time spent made us so fonder to each other that we had already planned for the next meet up even before separating. When it was time to bid goodbye, it was so hard, not to mention the tear that shed.

CK and I flew to New York City the next day right after we left Sandusky. It was our first stop, and where the travelling part started. I could not stand the fatigue of the deep cleaning day before leaving Cedar Point, so I decided to have longer sufficient sleep and travelled alone most of the time there. It was not a very good decision after all when there was once I felt asleep in the subway, went too deep into my sleep and missed the stop 5 times! We bought the 7 days New York Pass as we were there for a week and it was worthwhile. I managed to visit almost all the interesting places listed in the guide given and nonetheless tried most of the famous food such as FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE from Serendipity.  Looking out the night view of New York City from the top of Empire State Building, window shopping and strolling along Times Square and 5th Avenue, cycling and get lost in the huge Central Park, camwhoring with the fake Marilyn Monrow in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, checking out the Museum of Sex, been in a group of men in tuxedo along Wall Street; New York City is exactly the concrete jungle where dreams are made, have nothing that you cannot do, and a city that makes you feel brand new as what stated in the song “Empire State of Mind”.

Next stops after New York City were Washington, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. I dropped by White House (but not invited), posed next to the gigantic Abraham Lincoln sculpture where he shared his dream to fellow Americans (he did not talk like how he did in the film “Night Of Museum”), cycled to the very spectacular architecture Golden Gate Bridge, pushed the bike up the very slanted road around San Francisco Town, tried fresh crabs and lobster at Fishermen’s Wharf, walked on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and found Jackie Chan’s star, learned how movies cheated us with all the effects at Universal Studios, captured the infamous Hollywood sign and went to Santa Monica and Venice Beach (where LMFAO wiggled in their music video for the song “Sexy and I Know It”). Our travel ended with us bidding Aloha to Hawaii. Oh yes, we went to Hawaii as our last stop in America! The island is as mesmerizing as how we were told. We travelled around the island on scooters and did drop by a few infamous bays such as Hanauma, Waikiki and Malauma. Too bad our time there was too short for us to visit the Pearl Harbor. For sure, this will not be our last time in Hawaii because it is too great for us not to come back. Goodness, stepping into the land of United States is way too memorable experience as a whole.

The 4 months may not be a long time span. However the impact throughout this period has absolutely changed me drastically in so many positive ways.  For instance, the social and working condition had me less explosive in temper. The understanding and exposure to the culture, lifestyle as well as history got me enriched to be more confident to step out globally in future. Reading about great places in the world and being there is different story; my first step in Niagara Falls got me so inspired how beautiful nature could be. Right now, I have expanded my network to all over the world, and thankfully with the social network such as Facebook and Twitter, we are still closely connected.

Life only happens once, and it should be lived not to exist. This is the best time for us to venture and take a glance at the world outside; as we have time, energy and money (scholarship and loan). Later on as we step into our career, we may have plenty of money and energy, but remember we do not have much time. When we actually retire, we have both the money and time, but energy wise, we are losing it. At this young age, I believe it is the time of empowerment. The more we see, the more we know hence the better we are. Work and Travel programme is the exactly the right medium. You regret few risks you take, when it comes to this, I promise you. Work and Travel is a shot you would not want to miss in your life!

i came, i saw, im going to conquer :)

Friday, September 02, 2011

TEASER: Work And Travel 2011

this is just a parcel of the fun. i have conquered this :)
more to come.
stay tuned.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

He who inpires.

Without them, im nobody.

no one is perfect;
He knows he is imperfect, yet he always tries to be as perfect as possible in front of us since we're young up to present, so that we could be better than him.
His lifetime stories inspire me, everyday i doubt i could be as good as him.
He is that great, yes he is.
Thank you for everything, Mr Ng Wooi Keog aka Ah Chin :)
I would like to wish you Happy Father's Day.
I love you.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Work and Travel USA

United States Of America
4 months long semester break has started,
and i ll be in United States Of America for work and travel program.
find me in Cedar Point Theme Park, Sandusky, Ohio.

Will be working in FOOD HOSTING

welcome to new experience in States
will keep you guys updated through Facebook and my blog, i hope.

Olympus XZ-1
the gadget to capture and share every great moment there.
till then, TAKE CARE and HAPPY HOLIDAY :)

flight schedule:
Kuala Lumpur to Singapore 2245 - 2340
Singapore to Tokyo 0710 - 1505
Tokyo - Chicago 1655 -1435
Chicago - Cleveland 1709 - 1923